Ziyang Wu is an artist based in New York, currently teaching at the School of Visual Arts and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and is a member of the Experiment on Art and Technology Track at NEW INC, New Museum. His recent practices examine how the virtual world, data and algorithm as invisible forces ubiquitously micro-alienates and reconstructs human in the highly globalized post-Internet society.
With an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a BFA from the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, his video, augmented reality, motion capture performance, artificial intelligence simulation and interactive video installation have exhibited internationally in China, North America, and Europe. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Annka Kultys Gallery in London, Nancy Margolis Gallery in New York and CO2 Gallery in Florence, and group exhibitions at Medici Palace and Milan Design Week in Italy, Today Art Museum and Times Art Museum in Beijing, Artron Art Center in Shenzhen, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Philadelphia, Powerlong Museum in Shanghai, Walker Art Center and Rochester Art Center in Minnesota, Providence Biennial for Contemporary Art and Brown University in Rhode Island, Academy Art Museum in Maryland, The Hole Gallery, Eli Klein Gallery and Microscope Gallery in New York.
Wu has received numerous fellowships and has participated in many residencies including the Residency Unlimited (RU), the MacDowell Fellowship, Artist-in-residence at Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA) at Alfred University, Art(ists) on the Verge Fellowship by Northern Lights.mn and Jerome Foundation, the AICAD Teaching Fellowship by Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design and the Winner of The ROCI Road to Peace exhibition by Robert Rauschenberg Art Foundation and Artsy. 
武子杨,艺术家,现生活工作于纽约,任教于纽约视觉艺术学院和纽约大学帝势艺术学院,并为New Museum新当代艺术博物馆NEW INC项目成员。他的近期实践关注于虚拟世界、数据和算法是如何在高度全球化的后互联网时代以无处不在的隐形作用力去微观异化和重构人类。
罗德岛设计学院艺术硕士,佛罗伦萨艺术学院艺术学士。他的视频,增强现实 (AR),动态捕捉行为表演,人工智能 (AI)模拟和互动视频装置等在国际不同的展览展出,包括伦敦Annka Kultys画廊,纽约Nancy Margolis 画廊和佛罗伦萨CO2画廊的个展,意大利佛罗伦萨美第奇宫,米兰设计周,美国费城当代艺术博物馆,沃克艺术中心,明尼苏达罗切斯特艺术中心,普罗文登斯当代艺术双年展,罗德岛布朗大学,马里兰学院美术馆,纽约The Hole画廊,奕来画廊和 Microscope画廊,北京今日美术馆和时代美术馆,上海宝龙美术馆和深圳雅昌艺术中心的群展等。
他曾获得众多奖项和驻留机会,包括Residency Unlimited(驻留无限),MacDowell(麦克道威尔)Fellowship,阿尔弗雷德大学电子艺术学院驻留, Northern Lights.mn 和杰罗姆基金会Art(ists) on the Verge Fellowship,独立艺术设计学院协会 AICAD Fellowship艺术教育奖,罗伯特·劳申博格艺术基金会与Artsy优胜奖等奖项。