NEW INC, New Museum, Art & Code Track
Just kicked off my second year at NEW INC at an Art & Code Track Member.

NEW INC was founded by the New Museum in 2014 and is the first museum-led cultural incubator dedicated to supporting innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship across art, design, and technology.

Art & Code Track (In partnership with Rhizome)
This track is for artists, creative technologists, indie game designers, preservation researchers, interaction designers and others making and researching art that is born-digital. Track members ask: What will communications technology look like in 50 or 100 years? How might we explore the deep future of communications through speculative technologies and unprecedented ideas? Offered in partnership with Rhizome, this track builds on our partnership with Nokia Bell Labs which supported the Year 6 E.A.T. Track and a multi-year residency and commissioning program.
My NEW INC profile:
Art and Code: