Peng Ci (Staged Crash), 2015, Color digital video with sound  4 min., 5 sec.

Peng Ci (Staged Crash) presents people’s struggle of truth including the parties, the driver, the police and the crowd. They are all holding different opinions and uncompromising. What is the truth? I think it’s not the artist’s task to answer this question. The existing form of society is there. By taking them and manipulating, I can arrange different versions of the truth, like an editing machine. In this work I set up a couple of visual symbols. Staged crashed person, police, money and onlookers, they are implied moral, economic, judiciary and society. These symbols are intertwined, like expanding fragmentations. They squeeze, push, avoid and conflict each other, becoming social spatial structure that is connected and full of conflicts. Every neon blink functions as a heat map to let the external world see and check this cultural farce. It also looks like hundreds of eyes monitoring you all the time.

The person to staged crashed, the onlookers and the policemen
All the truths are likely to be a mess