Windows To The World
Contemporary and Digital Art Fair
June 25 – 28
Windows to the World explores ways of building connections in all their various dimensions. The exhibition features the work of nine artists from across the globe (including RU resident artists): Adi Halfin (Tel-Aviv/Berlin), Andrew Vigil-Emerson (Tucson, Arizona), Elizabeth Moran (NYC/Texas), Kuldeep Singh (NYC/India), Lulu Meng (NYC/Taiwan), Nung-Hsin Hu (Los Angeles/Taiwan), Rosa Nussbaum (Philadelphia/Germany), Yuhan Su (NYC/Taiwan), Ziyang Wu (NYC/China).
We are living in unprecedented times. Loss, isolation, and uncertainty have challenged the ways we navigate our lives. When the digital screen is the main window from which we see the outside world and from which we are seen, what is the message we want to send or receive?  Each artwork presented here is a window through which viewers are invited to ask themselves questions:
What does it take to have a fresh perspective with which to examine the familiar?
What kind of bubble do you live in?  How malleable is your bubble?
How much control do we have over our lives? Why do we want to be in control?
How does one listen with an impartial mind?
How do we express our stories authentically and listen to others respectfully?
Can we surrender, do nothing at all, and leave things as they are?
What keeps us connected?
How do we take advantage of technology to maintain meaningful connections?
What really matters?
Curated by Lulu Meng, RU project manager. Windows to the World is presented by Residency Unlimited (RU) as part of the Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF).

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About the Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF)
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